Free Professional Bodywork!!

Anatomy Trains UK is holding a Structural Bodywork Certification Training to certify practitioners from all over the world

The training is taking place at

 The Memorial Village Hall,

Weston-on-the-Green, Oxfordshire

 We need models for postural assessment followed by FREE structural bodywork. The work will be performed by a class student but all students are qualified practitioners of other modalities and they will be closely supervised by Certified Trainers of Structural Bodywork. You will be receiving high quality bodywork from a well trained practitioner.

 Models need to be available on three of the following days:

 Sunday 19 February 2017

Thursday 23 February 2017

Saturday 25 February 2017

 Sessions are 90 minutes but we advise allowing 2 hours on each day

We ask that you commit to all three dates

~We also need teacher model on 17th / 22nd & 24th February 2017~

 What do you get in return?

FREE Structural BodyWork on three different occasions!

The KMI System is based on Dr. Ida Rolf’s pioneering work, as developed by Tom Myers. Dr. Rolf’s classic ‘recipe’ for structural bodywork is interpreted through the lens of Tom’s Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians, a revolutionary understanding of soft-tissue patterning. KMI brings clarity, and gentle effectiveness to the practice of Dr. Ida Rolf’s Structural Integration.

 Please call 028 9058 0764 or


to book your sessions today!

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