Meet The Teachers

Wojtek Cackowski

Wojtek has been fascinated with movement, sports and bodywork all his life. He finished his degree in sport education and physiotherapy and he is also a board-certified KMI structural integration practitioner. Wojtek has been practicing manual and yoga therapy for five years, combining it with myofascial therapy in the water. Happy father of two children, he lives and practices in Poland in a medical Spa whose idea is built around Anatomy Trains concepts and KMI structural integration combined with structural, functional diagnostics, physiotherapy, and manual and movement interventions. His passion is bodywork and holistic approaches to the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. He brings this passion combined with his excellent knowledge of anatomy and manual therapy technique to the workshops he teaches.

Kai Kjartan Hogberg

Kai Kjartan Høgberg was trained as a Massage Therapist in 2003 and he started applying the Anatomy Trains principles in 2004 in a big multidisciplinary clinic in Oslo. Kai Kjartan is a graduate of the Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) training since 2006, which now forms the basis of his manual practice.

With a strong passion for movement, applied in a exploratory, playful and creative way he tries to inspire his clients and students to play with movement throughout the day, wherever they are.

He has been active in several sports, such as cross country skiing, speed skating, athletics, tae kwon do and scuba diving, and he has been working with a broad variety of athletes, from novice and all the way up to world champion and olympic levels.

Among other of his interests is music, playing drums, high performance (of any kind), reading, travelling, family time and more.

Owen Lewis

Owen is an experienced Structural Integrator from the Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) School. He runs a busy practice in the East of England. His diverse education includes undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in sports science, injury rehabilitation, sports psychology and teaching. Structural Integration was the next natural step in his search for long-term positive change within a holistic modality. He teaches with an enthusiasm and insight that is infectious with a relaxed, open style of teaching, allowing self-discovery as well as the understanding of precise technical detail. His own interests range from the visual arts, poetry and music to philosophy, dance and numerous sports.

Ari-Pekka Lindberg

As a teacher, lecturer, writer, physiotherapist and personal trainer, A-P specializes in a comprehensive and detailed understanding of movement in the context of the integrated myofascial web.

A-P has explored the functioning of the body from a multitude of different perspectives over the last 20 years. In his daily treatment and coaching practice he uses highly specific clinical and functional differential diagnoses, integrating them into an overall myofascial movement and posture analysis to rehabilitate and train his clients towards better health and performance.

He has written three books examining the field of exercise and wellness from different angles, exploring occupational health and wellbeing as well as more versatile and functional exercises that would best serve our neuro-myofascial entirety and personal goals.

A-P is a founder of and senior teacher for the largest personal trainer education organization in Finland, Trainer4you. He is known to give inspiring and intense yet also fun and entertaining lectures that put the theory into practice.

Fiona Palmer

Fiona is co-founder of Pilates East Anglia specializing in clinical and modified Pilates classes and 1-1 sessions, and practices KMI Structural Integration in the UK. She is a fully certified APPI instructor (Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) and Modern Pilates Instructor, Certified Anatomy Trains teacher, Kinesis Myofascial Integration Therapist and Remedial Massage Therapist. Fiona has a passion for helping people achieve their best, which she brings to everything she teaches along with a great sense of humor and fun.

Don Thompson

Don has been involved in the study of the 4-dimensional human form for the best part of 3 decades. He is intrigued by the complexity of the 3-D shape puzzle that leads to each of our individual structure and function outcomes. Alongside this lies a passionate interest in the timeline of where we have collectively come from in evolutionary terms, of the individual personal story we each have… and of the future potential within the transformative process that can occur through the easing of restriction patterns, improved structural relationships and of reconnecting to the inner awareness of the body.

He draws upon his broad personal experiences of having formerly been a strength athlete, an adventure-sport adrenalin junky, and a successful personal trainer as much as from his personal journey through the vicissitudes of Life. Along with an extensive education in bodywork and complementary therapies he brings humour, clarity and open-enquiry to his workshops.

Increasingly fascinated by integrating movement and manual therapy he has been an integral part in developing much of the new program now being incorporated into the Anatomy Trains school and approach. For this project Don has drawn from his cross-spectrum understanding of both form and function, a unique and insightful blend that he presents with patience and humility.

Don holds a BSc in Complementary Therapies and Bodywork for the University of Westminster. Don and his partner live and work in the Scottish Highlands where they own a small clinic that is run on not-for-profit and community ideals. The majority of Don’s clinical work is with people with chronic pain and discomforts that have their origins in work patterns, habits, & posture. He takes a problem-solving approach using Structural Integration, visceral/neural manipulation and movement re-educaton with the people he works with.

Michael Watson

Michael’s journey of self-discovery has led him around the world, teaching and sharing his passion for anatomy and alternative modalities of exercise and therapy.

Beyond yoga, Pilates and Anatomy Trains teaching certifications,  Michael leads advanced training programs, retreats and clinics worldwide.  He has worked with athletes with disabilities at the Paralympic level of training and continues to develop ideas that bring an integrated approach to health, movement and wellness. As a certified teacher of Yoga, Pilates, functional anatomy and with a degree in Sports science, Michael brings an in depth awareness to his clients based on a strong understanding of anatomy, the body and its function.

A proud father of 3 home birthed children, Michael is also a natural birth advocate and works progressively in his home base of Bermuda alongside his wife in bringing awareness to birth and reforming birth options for women.