Introduction to Anatomy Trains

Speaker: Michael Watson
Date: 29/30 September 2018
Venue: Gold Center
City: Budapest
Country: Hungary
Price: £280.00
Contact: Renata Ago 0036 30 297 8595

Gold Center

Join Michael Watson, Anatomy Trains facilitator and esteemed movement specialist, as he delivers this two day Introduction to the Anatomy Trains concept. Over the two days he will introduce and explore the fundamentals of Thomas Myers Myofascial Meridians and how to apply them to movement, Fitness and Sports.
This introductory workshop is especially designed for Personal Trainers and Sports coaches looking to expand their knowledge of movement biomechanics and how to best to increase movement options in clients, at the same time reducing injury risk.
In this workshop you will learn:
1) The anatomy of the Anatomy Trains Lines
2) How to break down movement and see where the client is restricted
3) Apply ‘Body Reading’ assessments to enhance treatment strategy.