The Physiology of Emotional Release

Speaker: Tom Myers
Date: 14/15 May 2018
Venue: Centro di Psicosintesi
City: Bologna
Country: Italy
Price: 290€ / 390€ after 10 April 2018
Contact: Marco Montanari (Toll Free) 00393471037028 or

Centro di Psicosintesi

Presented by Tom Myers
*This course is for students, faculty and graduates of Integratione Fasciale*
This is an opportunity to learn and practice tracking how people release stored emotions and resolve them to a new point of integration.
The human being is an integrated whole – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.  Ever since Descartes, we tend to split ourselves, separating the ‘physical’ from the ‘psychological’.  Emotions, and our responses to outside events, marry the physiological – the chemical snd neuromuscular – to our image of ourselves and how we imagine the world around us.
By learning to consciously track autonomic responses – pupil dilation, digestive peristalsis, colour and breath changes, sweating, etc – we can keep our clients / students / patients on the road to true resolution and healing, and avoid ‘recycling’ past events in endless circles.
In this course, you will learn:
  • how the nervous system tracks the world
  • how stress manifests as neuromuscular patterns and postural ‘set’
  • how to track sympathetic and parasympathetic balance
  • how to assist clients in attaining true resolution
This is not a therapy session.  It is a skill-building course for working somatic or psychotherapists and for students, faculty and graduates of Integratione Fasciale.
Note:- Please do not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until you have received final confirmation that the workshop is running