Resilience – Postponed – rescheduled dates to follow

Speaker: Tom Myers
Date: 2/3 April 2020
Venue: Wellfitness Training cOmpany
City: Kazan
Country: Russia
Price: 45000 feb before 1st March and 50000rub thereafter cancellation fee Невозможно, согласно законам РФ
Contact: Irina Practica +79272454115,

Due to the ongoing health concerns around Covid-19, this class will be rescheduled.   We will update this listing when we have the new dates.  We look forward to seeing you in class at a later date. 

For specific questions about this course please contact host.


No one lives a stress-free life. The question is: how to handle it in a health enhancing manner, rather than having it slowly break down your resilience. Resilience is a state of the body that reflects into your state of mind. New understandings of how our whole systems act and interact gives us new methods of self-regulation and energy management.

This course is intended for manual therapists and movement professionals of all backgrounds. It is designed to build your own resilience, and help you recognize the signs of ongoing distress or growing resilience in your students, patients, or clients. Deep grief, trauma, sustained illness, a constant frustration – all of these can sap your resilient structural, physiological, or psychological health. Your neural net, your chemical circulation, and your myofascial system – all exhibit elasticity and plasticity. How can you enhance your own adaptability?

Using the breath, stretching, awareness meditation, and focused attention, we will explore the limits of the neural, biochemical, and fascial ‘whole-body’ systems: how to make stress work for you, what to do to lessen distress, increase balance, and have the most resilient system you can have.

We’ve heard of IQ, and most of us have heard of EQ – Emotional Intelligence – but what about KQ Physical Intelligence? Tune into your body’s ‘hunches’ and sensations to make the best use of your organismic responses to life situations.