Slings in Motion 1

Speaker: Stephanie Ross-Russell
Date: 07-09 Feb 2020
Venue: Ashtanga Samashiti
City: Bangkok
Country: Thailand
Price: 20,000 THB Bundle Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I: THB 35’000 / THB 31’5000
Contact: Naw Teeraprasert 66 818663643

Slings in Motion I is the first of the series of Slings repertoire courses. It revolves around a very influential myofascial meridian duo; the “supportive, quietly persevering” Superficial Back Line and the “protective, proactive” Superficial Front Line of the Anatomy Trains body map.

All Slings in Motion modules are self-contained, practical repertoire courses. Although each Slings in Motion course has a clearly defined theme and a unique exercise selection, they have common features.

Commonalities: All Slings in Motion courses include the following content.

Practical execution of a contrasting blend of:

  • Differentiated and integrated multidimensional exercises in all body positions
  • Slow and deep, dynamic and rhythmic, stimulating and invigorating, as well as mellow and melting exercises and movement sequences
  • Exercise variations with and without additional props

In-depth discussion of:

  • Movement execution
  • Functional anatomy
  • Short-term and long-term exercise aims
  • Slings guiding principles
  • Slings myofascial training techniques
  • Purposeful sequencing
  • Functionally choreographed, smooth flowing Slings SynerChi movement sequences
  • Daily Slings in Motion master classes

PreRequisites: Anatomy Trains in Motion and Slings Essentials workshops