Intro® and Extended® Versions

Anatomy Trains workshops are offered in a variety of formats to meet the needs of most manual and movement therapists.

The introductory version of Anatomy Trains spends more time on the details of human anatomy for those who haven’t developed a thorough knowledge and familiarity with the muscular skeletal systems.

The Anatomy Trains Extended workshop takes the Anatomy Trains material and spreads it out to allow for more application time in both postural assessmentand myofascial technique, in other words more time for hands-on assessment and application .

Manual vs Therapist

Traditionally Anatomy Trains has been offered primarily to manual therapists, but the wide reaching implications the Anatomy Trains concepts to movement therapists has led to the development of customized courses focusing on the dynamic nature of the body. Whatever your movement modality – yoga, Pilates, personal training, rehabilitative exercise, or dance therapy – Anatomy Trains offers skills that movement therapists can use to see their clients more clearly and work more effectively.

These variations would emphasize the movement implications of these continuities over manual technique or other approaches. Please be certain that you are enrolled in the proper format of Anatomy Trains to fit your needs.

with BodyReading

BodyReading – is an innovative method of analysing posture. Of particular interest to all styles of practitioner who deal with postural realignment (Massage Therapist, Pilates teacher, Yoga teacher), thse workshops present holistic strategies for resolving strain patterns and finding the “structural keys” to create longer lasting effective work. The more you can see, the more efficient your work will become.

Anatomy Trains with BodyReadingTM will focus on developing and practicing a simple but effective vocabulary for describing skeletal relationships – tilts, shifts, and rotations in the spine, shoulders, pelvis and legs. These skills will assist you in developing coherent single or multi session strategies based on what you see and feel