Structural Integration (Part III)

Structural Integration (Part III) formerly KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) is a training in Structural Integration – evolved from Ida Rolf’s pioneering work, but substantially updated via Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains myofascial meridian map. The Structural Strategies protocol is a series of deep bodywork sessions that works progressively through the entire body; first surface, then core, then bringing the two together in integrated harmony.

We at Anatomy Trains are dedicated to the art, science, and practical application of structural bodywork. Structural Strategies  trains you in a wide vocabulary of touch and movement skills, in the service of your client’s ease, balance, and length – and a vivid, accurate kinesthetic body image. Anatomy Trains has emerged as a premier training in Structural Integration. Hundreds of practitioners across the Americas and Europe (and Australia starts in the spring of 2014) have been trained  since 2000, creating deep and lasting changes in chronic structural imbalances with their clients.

The Structural Integration training, our flagship course, is the result of Tom’s 40-year practice in many cultures and clinical settings, and his training with (principally) Dr Ida Rolf, along with ideas and practices from Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Buckminster Fuller, European osteopathy, and many movement disciplines including martial arts, Continuum, contact dance, and Aston Patterning.

Drawing on many sources, and grounded in the arts, evolution, embryology, anthropology, fascial research,and the emerging science of body tissue plasticity, Structural Integration offers a rich playground for self-discovery, as well as a platform for a lifetime’s career in meaningful interaction with your chosen client base. Some have taken their practice into enhancing performance in sport or the arts, some have coupled it with personal training such as yoga or Pilates, some into more psychological or developmental directions, many into injury and biomechanical restoration – and Structural Integration works in all these directions.

We at Anatomy Trains are proud of our ‘open inquiry’ learning environment, where questions and debate are encouraged, all somatic modalities given credence and space, and various methods of learning respected. We will offer you access to knowledge and test your understanding, both academically and in the practical. But we also understand that deep learning is personal, sometimes emotional, and requires a lot of humor and resilience. We give you a dedication to old world craftsmanship and personal attention, coupled with 21st century electronic support for your learning.

To qualify for entry to Structural Integration you first need to attend:

  • Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function (or previous versions, please enquire)
  • All 6 FRSB workshops
  • The Structural Bodywork Certification Module – following this section there is a break of a few months to prepare for Structural Strategies by performing a number of practice sessions.

For more information please email us at  or fill out the application form