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Andrew Chick

Andrew qualified as a massage therapist in 2003, he then went on to become certified in sports massage and deep tissue massage as well as completing the level 2 certification in football injuries with the Football Association, he has also studied myofascial release and craniosacral therapy as well as attending numerous workshops in advanced massage and myofascial approaches.

Andrew completed the 500 hour KMI training in structural integration in 2009 and runs a full time practice in Brighton UK specialising in structural integration and myofascial release, he also offers treatments in deep tissue massage, remedial massage and craniosacral therapy.

Specialties, structural integration, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, craniosacral therapy.

Andrew can be contacted at andrew@structuralbodywork.co.uk or at https://www.structuralbodywork.co.uk.

Natalie Noakes

I am bodywork therapist based in the beautiful village of Bucklebury within a few miles both of Reading and Newbury. I offer KMI Structural Integration, various forms of massage and craniosacral therapy; when appropriate I combine my skills to provide my clients with a tailored approach to their needs. I qualified in KMI in 2010 and being convinced that touch and movement are essential to wellbeing I have found Structural Integration to be a highly effective approach for those ready to find a better and more comfortable way to be in their own body. Please feel free to contact me to discuss embarking on a journey through KMI, or for any other therapeutic bodywork needs.

Natalie can be contacted at:

07879 444320

Nicholas Cowx

I am a qualified osteopath, having graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1997. During my 4 year training I encountered the work of Ida Rolf and was impressed by her innovative ideas in relation to organising the body. My interest in structural integration was rekindled when I bought Tom Myers book ‘Anatomy Trains’ some years later.

The fact that the Kinesis approach to Structural Integration, like that of Osteopathy, was grounded in anatomy strongly appealed to me. I pursued this interest and I am now a certified Kinesis practitioner. As an Osteopath I tend to deal in short term problems, I firmly believe that Structural Integration, through helping the body fulfil it’s potential by allowing greater balance and ease, offers a long term aid to a healthier & more fulfilling life. I practise from Emsworth on the Hants/ W. Sussex border and am prepared to do home visits in either county if a suitable space for treatment is available.

Nicholas can be reached at nicholas.cowx@btinternet.com.

Nikki Collis

I have been practicing sports and remedial massage since 2004 and qualified as a KMI practitioner in 2008. Whilst interested in sports science and the benefits of massage in injury rehabilitation and prevention, I became frustrated by the common postural issues widely seen regardless of activity level, which were only temporarily helped by massage. KMI provided the solution to this frustration, offering lasting improvements, along with a new set of possibilities that changing posture and alignment may be used to improve sports performance. I am based in London and Surrey working from clinics in Holborn and East Horsley.

Nikki can be contacted at nikki@pressurepointstherapy.com or https://www.pressurepointstherapy.com.

Nora Roche

Nora Roche graduated with the KMI 2010 class in Oxford. Trained in Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Iridology and Reconnective Healing she has been working in this area for the last 18 years. As well as KMI Structural Integration, she is a certified Upledger CranioSacral Therapist, working in London and Oxfordshire.

It was after experiencing the KMI 3-series with James Earls and KMI 12-series with Tom Myers which totally relieved her sciatica that she decided to undertake the training and continues to love this work and the possibilities for change it invites.

Nora can be contacted at nora.roche@yahoo.com. www.noracoche.co.uk  07876 697085


Ron Coutts

A practicing therapist for about 17 years. Ron has absorbed and mastered the techniques of Massage, Manipulative Therapy, Sports Therapy and Electrotherapy and Structural Integration. A large amount of Ron’s work is associated with assisting and rehabilitating sports people, but clients come from all walk of life. Ron enthusiastically engages is self development and encourages the same of his practice colleagues. “It is really important that the therapist is as good as he can be, the patient deserves it!” Ron has a broad spectrum of interests including: Anatomy, fishing, singing and almost any sport!

Ron can be contacted at ron.coutts@aberdeensportstherapy.com or https://www.aberdeensportstherapy.com.


Owen Lewis

I am a full-time practitioner of Structural Integration from the KMI School. I work near Ely, north of Cambridge, within easy reach of Newmarket, Peterborough and Norwich. My background is in sports-injury
rehabilitation and psychology. Structural Integration was the next natural step in my search for long-tern positive change within a holistic modality. My work is securely underpinned by science and driven by my love
of the arts.

Owen can be contacted at www.anatomyworks.co.uk or owen@anatomyworks.co.ukI


Tyler Cornelius

I came to my career through a fascination with the human body and how it worked. I first trained in Holistic massage and, interested in how I could affect health in a far more fundamental way, enrolled to train on a 5 year BSc Hons degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1999. In 2004, this qualified me to practice Acupuncture and its supplementary therapies and to prescribe Chinese herbal medicine. I went on to study remedial bodywork as so many of my clients required a depth of skills to deal effectively with their pain and musculoskeletal complaints. I enjoy treating this, but found it the hardest to address long-term. I trained in Sports/Remedial massage and Tuina, but found that it wasn’t whole-bodyfocused and the stroke often felt wasteful. I then did some training in Myofascial Bodywork and this felt ‘righter’. I also had a SI series and I found it to be really effective for my own discomforts and was also amazed at it’s effects on my emotions, energy and visceral balance.

I like the whole-body approach/ non-separation of the mind and body in Structural Integration: it feels similar to Chinese Medicine in that way. It is another elegant therapy whose theories and practice are fundamentally based on the relationship between energy and health.

Practice specialities: KMI Structural Integration; Traditional Acupuncture; Chinese Herbal Medicine: Integrative Bodywork; Intraoral Bodywork; Myofascial Bodywork; Obsteric Acupuncture & Bodywork.

Areas of Special Interest: Joint, muscle pain and injury; post-operative recovery; sports- conditioning; postural alignment; neurological and respiratory disorders. Emotional Health, Women’s Health, Pre/post-natal health and recovery, TMJ, jaw and neck problems, bruxism, teeth grinding, headaches, migraines, whiplash; dental work.

Tyler can be contacted at State of Grace, Denbury, Nr Newton Abbot, Devon info@stateofgracetherapies.co.uk, www.stateofgracetherapies.co.uk A limited number of mobile visits may be available – 0750 8055553

Nicki Brown

I have been a massage therapist since 1999, graduating from the prestigious London School of Sports Massage in 2004. Intrigued by posture and the effect it can have on people, their lives and health I studied various techniques until I discovered Structural Integration which has provided many answers and also more questions.

The human body is incredible and fascinating and there is always so much more to learn and understand about how and why it works as it does. I am currently studying Visceral Manipulation which will add to the strong foundation for my practice in Sports Massage and Structural Integration.

Over the years I have followed other areas of interest to me, adding to my skills base. This enables me to offer my client a broad range of treatments including Intra-oral Massage (for jaw and neck problems), Hot Stone Fusion Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology.

I love working with a broad spectrum of the population which includes adults, children, athletes, people who are injured or in pain and those who enjoy a massage for relaxation. I love this work for the variation and challenges it provides.

My clinic is in the pretty village of Checkendon, close to Henley-on-Thames, Reading, Wallingford and Pangbourne. I also work at Complete Physiotherapy in Reading.

I enjoy being outdoors, tennis being my main sport, playing for a club and County teams. Sports and keeping fit are important to me and I like to cycle, run and swim.

Website: www.intelligent-touch.co.uk

Clinic: Checkendon, RG8 0TN

Telephone: 07733 224694



Neil Goodenough MSc MCSP

Since my life changed in 2004, after selling a successful pub/restaurant business, I seized the opportunity to build on my initial love and to at last use my Psychology degree. With a few oblique steps and a year studying Anatomy & Physiology, Swedish Massage and Reflexology; I became a Reiki practitioner, trained with the Vodder School in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Combined Decongestive Therapies Level III. But then Art Riggs, assisted by James Earls, hooked me into the world of Structural Integration and with the guidance of KMI, I had found a home for my mind, intuition and hands. Applied Psychology made sense and the invitation to help others find movement and embodiment is a gift I cherish each day. I hope to expand my work to athletes, actors, and performers. I have been fortunate to become a somanaut through a gift received in one of Gil Hedley’s human dissection workshops. This changed my life and my work, brought a depth and an understanding, and helped my fingers see a little more clearly.

I just graduated with a MSc Physiotherapy and work from my private practice overlooking the North East coast of England and on the very edge of the North Yorkshire Moors.

SPECIALTIES: Physiotherapy, KMI Structural Integration, Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage.


EMAIL: neilgoodenough@msn.com

URL: www.TeesPhysio.co.uk


Angela Donovan BCSI (CM)

Structural Balance is the name of a clinic owned by Angela Donovan BCSI (CM) in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Fascinated by the work and its phenomenal success of correcting structural problems, Angela Donovan began training to be a Structural Integrator in 2010.

Angela has been interested in human structure, balance and performance for a long time. Inspired by her mother, Jo Radley who is an Acupuncturist and previous tutor at the College of Traditional Acupuncture and a trained Structural Integrator from the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder Colorado, and San- Francisco.

Angela began her training with the British School of Osteopathy, where she gained her Access to Higher Education Diploma (Osteopathic Sciences & Health Care) and was invited to train with the BSO to become an Osteopath.

Whilst training she came across Tom Myers and his concept of Anatomy Trains Myofascial Meridians and learnt of his school, Kinesis UK, where his version of Structural Integration KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) was being taught. This was the turning point; Angela had been fascinated by the results of Structural Integration and the Anatomy Trains concept made so much sense.

Interviewing a few Osteopaths locally she began to appreciate that there were already some very proficient practitioners but only one other Structural Integrator who trained at the Guild for Structural Integration; there were no local KMI Structural Integrators in Warwickshire.

Graduating from KMI in June 2012, Angela also successfully passed her exam to be a Certified Board Structural Integrator with IASI the International Association of Structural Integrators. Within her Leamington Spa clinic she has been working with athletes, musicians and non sports clients with successful results.

Angela welcomes clients of all ages and abilities, including children. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic career, correct a structural problem in early life or simply be more comfortable in your body, Structural Balance can help.

Specialities: Postural Balance through Structural Integration

Practice Name: Structural Balance

Website: www.structuralbalance.co.uk

Email: info@structuralbalance.co.uk

Telephone: 07950 028 016


Ian Mulrooney – Adv. Dip. Sports Therapy, MFHT, MIPTI, KMI Structural Integration

Ian is a qualified Sports Injury Therapist, graduating from the Active Health Group,Manchester in 2009 with a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Sports Therapy.

Ian went on to complete various other courses and workshops including Myofascial Release, Anatomy Trains, Pitchside First Aid, Breathing Disorders and Kinesio Taping (Level 1, 2 and 3 (Sport)), delivered by leading practitioners, including Art Riggs, Noah Karresch, and James Earles, who all highlighted the world of structural integration.

It was after attending the Anatomy Trains workshops with James that further stimulated an interest in Structural Integration. KMI provided the tools to affect change in the body, allowing the making Ian ask the question, What if? If you free the body from pain and allow it move more efficiently this will also help the mind, allowing change to be affected. Ian subsequently signed up to the course and completed all three parts of the KMI Structural Integration course and qualified as a Practitioner in June 2012.

Ian works with a broad spectrum of people of all ages and from all walks of life from his own clinic, Smartway2fitness, in Nether Poppleton, York, at Janet Lech’s Clinic in Hovingham, Malton, and at The Retreat Clinic in Boston Spa.

Practice Specialities:

Structural integration; Myofascial release; Deep tissue massage; Joint, muscle pain and injury; Post-operative recovery; Sports – conditioning; whiplash; Sports Injuries
Company Name: smartway2health
Phones: +44(0)1904794676 Mobile – +44(0)7967348719

Email: smartway2fitness@gmail.com

Website: www.smartway2health.co.uk

twitter: @smartway2health

blog: www.sw2f.co.uk

Facebook: smartway2health



RD-KinesisPicA significant part of my professional life has been spent in architectural private practice through which I developed strong practically biased design skills and an innate understanding of structure.

My professional life apart I have long held an interest in sport, tennis in particular, and started considering sport-based interests and possible practice opportunities about ten years ago. From that position I qualified as a sports massage therapist in 2004.

Massage was an interesting introduction to bodywork, but it was through the discovery of Ida Rolf’s pioneering work and Tom Myers development of the Anatomy Trains structural integration concept that I saw the great potential for more productive bodywork, perhaps better performance and longer lasting results for my clients. Significantly, through my architectural training and prior knowledge of Buckminster Fullers geodesic domes and tensegrity, I was well able to embrace the correlation between engineering in architecture and the human body.

So, here was the opportunity to develop what is a different but for me strongly related skill in a new and exciting human architecture direction.

My home based practice is near Eye, Suffolk, IP23 8LL

I can be contacted by email or phone :

E. info@sportsmassageworks.com

T. 01379 678778

M. 07976 361 016


Structural Integration, Myofascial Release, Scarwork therapy, Sports Massage


Thea Gudgeon

Unknownhave been a KMI Structural Integration practitioner since 2012, having become interested in the work of Ida Rolf and Tom Myers whilst working as a Sports Massage Therapist (I qualified with the London School of Sports Massage in 2005) and Personal Trainer (YMCAFit).

With a career in the Health and Fitness Industry with over 15 years experience, I found myself becoming increasingly concerned about the restrictions and movement patterns that were preventing so many people from achieving their goals, or causing them to live with pain. As a competitive marathon runner I also found my body starting to let me down. My desire to help my clients change, and also help myself, led me to Structural Integration.

I attended the Anatomy Trains workshop and was sold. At this time I also found a Pilates School training teachers in the Classical Work of Joseph Pilates – with a Fascial eye. As a ‘movement person’ I knew these were two closely linked paths I needed to take.

So I completed all three parts of the KMI Structural Integration course, and also completed the Full Studio Pilates Instructor Training with the Contrology Pilates Method. I use the manual therapy of KMI and the movement therapy of Pilates to help educate people to free themselves from pain and restriction, and create freedom and ease of movement. My clients are of all ages, and are both sports people and those who just want to be at ease in their bodies.

Location: Watford, Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. I am 18 mins by train from London Euston

Practice Specialities:  Structural Integration (12 series), Mysofascial Release, Sports & Remedial Massage, Injury Rehabilitation, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, Pilates, Sports Conditioning

Website: www.thea.co.uk

Phone: 07798 603620

Email: thea@thea.co.uk

Facebook: thea.co.uk

Twitter: @theakate