Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence

Speaker: Mary Bond
Date: 20/21 September 2014
Venue: TBC
City: London
Country: UK
Price: Early Bird £325 before 31.08.14 £375 thereafter
Contact: Don Thompson +44 (0) 1862 894 474 or

Life is lived in the body, yet much of 21st century living invites disembodied states and robotic responses.

In her inspiring book, The New Rules of Posture, Mary Bond explains that our perceptual responses to the present moment precede the positioning of bones and soft tissues that we call posture. She teaches that the perceptual orientation that supports healthy posture is also the secret to sustaining a receptive state of presence. This state is at once the key to authentic self-expression and to resonant relationship, which together form the foundation for healing interactions with others.

This two-day workshop includes

  • key perceptions that support healthy posture and expressive movement
  • ways to re-pattern habits that distort posture and movement including:
  • grounding through the feet and pelvic girdle
  • whole body breathing
  • mobilizing the spine through spatial awareness
  • self-help practices that integrate new perceptions and new ways of moving and relating to the world


Open to SI practitioners, bodyworkers and somatic movement professionals.

Full Price: £375.00


You save: £50.00 (13.33%)

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