Structural Essentials : Shoulders & Arms (formerly FRSB)

Speaker: Fiona Palmer
Date: 08/09 June 2019
Venue: Clare Football Pavillion
City: Clare
Country: UK
Price: Early Bird £420 until 08.04.19 and £455 thereafter
Contact: Fiona Palmer 07767 384983

Clare Football Pavilion

Based on the recently released book of the same title, the Fascial Release for Structural Balance (FRSB) series is a short intensive course limited to specific anatomy and heavy on manual soft-tissue technique.

Each course focuses on 15 – 20 core ‘templates’ for technique, which can be applied in different ways for different patterns in your clients. We will teach you the relevant structural anatomy for the area and the common postural and movement implications around each of them. The short lectures utilise many new and previously unseen teaching resources to illustrate the information in a fun, exciting and, most importantly, understandable fashion.

The courses fully explain the intent and scope of each technique and will give you plenty of time to master it and experiment with the many possible variations. We will ensure that you can apply these very effective ideas and execute them in your treatments the following day.

The workshops can be taken in any order once you have first attended the Anatomy Trains and Anatomy Trains II workshops but we recommend them in the order they appear.


To teach functional and structural regional anatomy that will build into a full body picture of how body operates as both local and as a global tensegrity structure.

The main focus of the series will be to create a modern approach to Bodywork incorporating appropriate techniques according to the tissue type and the apparent dysfunction. The main emphasis will be with Fascial Release Techniques along with Structural and Functional Assessments, to ensure a modern, individual and accurate treatment plan is created.

Shoulder & Arm Workshop

In this driving day and computer age, the arms get unique usage these days. Requiring a complex equation of stability versus mobility to balance correctly on the rib cage, the shoulders can easily be used to compensate for thoracic and cervical deviations or be the cause for them. This can lead to issues travelling down into the arms and hands, up into the neck and jaw or even into the spine and rib cage. You will learn to recognize ‘ideal’ and compensated patterns and how to tie them into the story of the rest of the body. This will allow you to see what work needs to be done to create lasting results for this area.


This course travels from the shoulder to the hand on the Arm Lines, giving techniques for every station along the way. These include

Balancing the shoulder girdle on the rib cage
Releases for each joint of the shoulder
Soft-tissue techniques for shoulder muscles
Elbow and upper arm muscle releases
Lower arm extensor, flexor, radial, and ulnar releases

Cancellation Fee 

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Deposit – 50% – balance to be paid 4 weeks before course

Cancellation more than 4 weeks before – full refund less an admin fee of £50

Cancellation 2 – 4 weeks before – No refunds, can transfer to another Fiona Palmer workshop minus £50 administration fee

Note:- Please do not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until you have received final confirmation that the workshop is running

Please Note: To attend FRSB workshops you must have completed  Anatomy Trains in Structure & Function or ATI & ATII