Anatomy Trains in Motion meets Anatomy Trains in Training: Connecting Through Fascia


Anatomy Trains in Motion meets Anatomy Trains in Training

A daily movement practise and a long-term training strategy for everyone who likes to keep their fascia in motion.

This dvd contains 3 Anatomy Trains in Motion based Slings Myofascial Training sequences and 3 Anatomy Trains in Training based myofascial training strategies.

Fascia is much more than connective tissue. It’s the matrix that shapes us, adds spring to our step, power to our leap and poise to our daily movement. It makes us resilient, kinaesthetically awake and in tune with ourselves.

With his inclusive concept Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers has created a unique map of connected anatomy that invites the weight lifter, high jumper and swimmer, as much as the dancer, yogi and pilatista, the person rehabilitating their knee and the moving mindfulness practitioner.

Like fascia, Anatomy Trains connects thinking, moving and sensing – in therapy, body-mind practises and athletic training.

It also connected AP and me. Without rehearsal AP joined me in my Anatomy Trains in Motion based practise and I joined AP in a series of exercises that are part of Anatomy Trains in Training. We hope to connect with you too.

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