Anatomy Trains in Motion Flashcards

Anatomy Trains in Motion Flashcards

Education in a Box

Inside this box you will find 80 learning cards that will assist your study of the integral anatomy of the Anatomy Trains body map in relation to body-minded movement.

The first set of cards:

  • gives tips on how to use this learning tool.
  • outlines the rules of the game.
  • shows and lists the fascial roundhouses.
  • summarizes general training aims for the myofascial meridians.

For each line there is a set comprising cards that:

  • show the course and list the myofascial anatomy.
  • can be used for drawing and writing to solidify the understanding.
  • summarize postural and myofascial movement functions.
  • state sensory qualities.
  • apply the anatomy of the myofascial meridians to a body-minded movement sequence.
  • sum up specific training aims.
  • describe additional training considerations.

The last two sets of cards give you an insight into:

  • fascia as an influential perceptual system.
  • Slings Myofascial Training and structural integration through movement.


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