BodyReading 101: Visual Assessment

Part of Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians series with Tom Myers Visual Assessment of standing posture and movement serves all types of therapists. Build these skills with Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and bodyworker for more than 30 years, in this 3-DVD self-study course. Physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, bodyworkers and massage therapists can all use accurate bodyreading to detect strain patterns that lead to pain patterns, often finding the 'key' at some distance from the obvious site of pain or injury. Pilates teachers, personal trainers, yoga teachers or Feldenkrais practitioners can use these skills to see where movement is not happening.

Bodyreading is both an art and a skill. These DVDs build your abilities step-by-step from reading the skeleton's relative position to seeing the soft tissue restraints involved in creating the position, to strategies for unwinding the problem. With more than 30 practice-clients for standing posture and 12 for gait analysis plus sections on assessing breathing and sitting, you can test your own growing understanding before getting Tom's 'expert' opinion with his experienced eye. Often said to be 'unteachable', not only are these skills learnable, they are fun (you will never be bored at an airport again!) and immediately applicable to your manual or movement practice."

Check out our New BodyReading: Visual Assessment and the Anatomy Trains book.


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