Heart & Hands: Shoulder Girdle Support for Self-Expression

Speaker: Mary Bond
Date: 12/13/14 September 2014
Venue: TBC
City: London
Country: UK
Contact: Don Thompson +44 (0) 1862 894 474 or workshops@anatomytrains.co.uk

Mary Bond’s groundbreaking book, The New Rules of Posture, reveals that good posture is a perceptual response rather than just a matter of musculoskeletal shape.

How secure we feel ourselves to be within our personal environment has much to do with our sensations as we take our stands and reach out into the world. Mary’s perceptual approach to posture education is applicable to any therapy or discipline that involves the body.

In this 3-day workshop we explore the influence of the shoulder girdle on the actions and gestures of our work, our play and our interactions with others. We do this within the context of ground and spatial orientation.

We will:

  • Study the bony articulations of the arms and shoulders.
  • Experience the relationship between the abdominal core and the core of the shoulders.
  • Explore the influence of shoulder girdle organization on breathing and gait, and on chronic shoulder pain.
  • See how the shoulders impact spinal support for the heart and for gestures from the heart.
  • Understand the shoulder patterns and problems we notice in ourselves and in others.
  • Learn exercises for improving shoulder support.


Mary Bond is the author of The New Rules of Posture and Balancing Your Body, and producer of Heal Your Posture: A DVD Workshop.  A former dancer, she worked directly with Ida Rolf and is Chair of the Rolf Movement® faculty of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. Mary has a unique way of combining in-depth movement exploration for personal embodiment with grounded presentations of science and movement theory, and practical applications to daily life.  Her classes are invariably fun and informative as well as body/mind blowing.  Read Mary’s blog at www.healyourposture.com

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