Spine, Ribs & Low Back – 2 DVD Set with Notebook


This 2-DVD set shows the complete instructor demonstrations from our popular 2-day Advanced Myofascial Techniques: SPINE, RIBS, & LOW BACK course. Includes supplemental techniques not shown in 2-day courses.

A great way to learn or review Advanced Myofascial Techniques that dramatically improve your skills for relieving chronic back pain and spinal fixations, easing diaphragm and rib issues, increasing spine mobility, and more.kaging and labels may be different than pictured


Filmed at actual Rolf InstituteĀ®-associated* trainings, these edited DVDs include live student questions, multiple camera angles, instructor explanations (and the occasional blooper) that convey the immediacy of an actual class, and the essential elements of each technique in a way that studio-produced DVDs may not.

BONUS: includes spiral-bound 8.5" x 5.5" Course Notebook, illustrating each technique with clear photographs, detailed annotations, and key points. Use notebook together with DVD set to organize your own notes and maximize your learning.

Packaging and labels may be different than pictured.

Total running time 2:43 (Part I: 68 min; Part II: 95 min)

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