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I am a qualified osteopath, having graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1997. During my 4 year training I encountered the work of Ida Rolf and was impressed by her innovative ideas in relation to organising the body. My interest in structural integration was rekindled when I bought Tom Myers book ‘Anatomy Trains’ some years later.

The fact that the Kinesis approach to Structural Integration, like that of Osteopathy, was grounded in anatomy strongly appealed to me. I pursued this interest and I am now a certified Kinesis practitioner. As an Osteopath I tend to deal in short term problems, I firmly believe that Structural Integration, through helping the body fulfil it’s potential by allowing greater balance and ease, offers a long term aid to a healthier & more fulfilling life. I practise from Emsworth on the Hants/ W. Sussex border and am prepared to do home visits in either county if a suitable space for treatment is available.

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