Rodger Davis

A significant part of my professional life has been spent in architectural private practice through which I developed strong practically biased design skills and an innate understanding of structure.

My professional life apart I have long held an interest in sport, tennis in particular, and started considering sport-based interests and possible practice opportunities about ten years ago. From that position I qualified as a sports massage therapist in 2004.

Massage was an interesting introduction to bodywork, but it was through the discovery of Ida Rolf’s pioneering work and Tom Myers development of the Anatomy Trains structural integration concept that I saw the great potential for more productive bodywork, perhaps better performance and longer lasting results for my clients. Significantly, through my architectural training and prior knowledge of Buckminster Fullers geodesic domes and tensegrity, I was well able to embrace the correlation between engineering in architecture and the human body.

So, here was the opportunity to develop what is a different but for me strongly related skill in a new and exciting human architecture direction.

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