Deep Tissue Massage; An Integrated Full Body Approach DVD Set by Art Riggs


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Deep Tissue Massage : An Integrated Full Body Approach – Coordinating Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release into a Fluid Bodywork Session

This extensive new set (seven DVD’s totaling over 9 hours) was created after countless requests from therapists who loved the first set, “Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release” but were having trouble working the therapeutic philosophy and techniques into a fluid deep tissue massage, especially in a spa setting. Rather than discreet sections like the previous set, we move from A to Z, covering the whole body in a common sequence of beginning in prone, moving to supine with a whole segment devoted to the important side-lying position.

Since the focus is upon smooth massage, we spend less time on biomechanics, the great detail on strategies and techniques and anatomy offered in the first set, but still provide a huge number of specific nuts and bolts techniques.

Key Features

Product Description
DVD I: Biomechanics, tools, assessment and session planning goals, warm up, philosophy of a fluid integrated massage

DVD’s 2, 3, 4: We separate the body into large segments to be connected with later segments in preparation for the full body demonstrations Assessment skills of where work is needed to escape from cookie cutter routines Numerous specific strategies to accomplish your assessment goals Blending specific sections with adjacent areas for integration and fluidity instead of by the numbers segmented approach After several individual sections of the body are covered with the specifics, we then perform a fluid massage connecting these segments. Throughout this section, a lot of time is devoted to body positioning and working with bones and joints for better movement

DVD 5: Well over an hour of techniques for effective side-lying work your clients will love

DVDs 6 & 7: Each of these demonstrates over an hour of full body fluid massage to different models. Viewing in real time with the continuity of a fluid and full massage is extremely helpful in learning the flow of a massage.

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