Integral Anatomy Series: Voume 1


The Skin and Superficial Fascia

Key Features

VOLUME ONE: running time 1hr. 40min, DVD.

In what may be the most visually surprising and important sequences in the series, skin and superficial fascia are demonstrated as whole body layers in their superficial and deep projections. The layers are dissected on camera and presented in detail in their variations and in their implications for overall health. The visuals include a stunning off-body example from the male, and the entire superficial fascia of the female form is demonstrated off body as a singular layer and discussed in its wide ranging importance.

This disk represents an important contribution to our understanding of these two most external layers of the human form. Only through a thorough familiarity with and understanding of these two layers can that which lay beneath them be truly comprehended. Anyone who wants to access the layers of deep fascia, muscle, viscera and bone must feel through these outer layers knowingly. Vol. 1 conveys that knowledge to the viewer. The material found on this disk is unique, cannot be found in books, and represents a leap beyond established regional perspectives

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