Go beyond ‘work on the painful bits and the tough cables’. Take a deeper dive into the dynamics of the human spine, expertly guided by Tom Myers’ 50 years of manual therapy teaching.  The spine is that wonderfully adaptive central armature of the human form, and it works the best in length, when the vertebrae are allowed to ‘float’.
Based on Tom’s groundbreaking Anatomy Trains map of myofascial meridians, we will delineate the soft-tissue patterns around the neural arch from the superficial sheets to the erector cords to the deep intersegmental rotators and sacral multifidus.  Anteriorly, use the muscles that attach body / disc ‘column’ – pelvic floor, piriformis, psoas, diaphragm and longus muscles – to affect the primary and secondary curves.

This class covers

  • BodyReading clients’ posture to assess skeletal symmetry and develop strategies for the resulting soft tissue patterns
  •  Learn Fascial Release Techniques – fully laid out for intent and ‘feel’, with immediate application in your practice
  • The 3 rotational systems of the spine – breath and functional movement patterns through the spine.
  • The ‘Hip Grip’ – the most caudal spinal muscles – obturator internus, piriformis, and elevator ani
  • Thoracolumbar rotations, poses major involvement, and compensatory patterns in the cervical spine or hips
  • Palpatory certainty for manual therapy assessment with advanced techniques for the psoas complex and quadratus lumborum
  •  Direct supervision and feedback during partner work
Deepen your skills and return to your practice with a fresh set of eyes and new tools when working with your clients.  This course presumes familiarity with anatomy vocabulary and palpation.  A minimum of 3 years clinical experience is preferred.


Please note our cancelation policy: With cancelation when there are less than three months prior to the workshop starts, you get fee refunded minus deposit and bank fees.

With cancelation when less than 7 weeks prior to the workshop starts, there are no refund of course fee.