Andreas Fechtig

KMI certified Structural Integrator / Physio – Manualtherapist / Fascia & Movement – Enthusiast / Co. Founder of ArtGerecht – SI and Movement Studio.
Born and raised in Friedrichshafen at the beautiful lake of Constance in South Germany. Graduated as a Physio in 2006. During my training in manual therapy I got in contact with Tom’s second edition of AT in 2008. Had my first ATI Class in Karlsruhe 2011. I got really fascinated by this whole world of “everything is connected”- fascia and its effects on structure + function, Structural Integration offered me the needed space to grow a deeper understanding of the human body in a holistic approach based on the wonderful work of Ida Rolf. From there on I stuck to it and graduated as a KMI Structural Integrator in 2016. I opened up a humble but beautiful Studio for SI and movement in Langenargen, where we explore and enhance movement in all kinds of variations and trying to share knowledge around SI, movement and health.
“Movement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you will improve the quality of life itself” Moshe Feldenkrais

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