Kai Kjartan Hoegberg

As a professional KMI practitioner I have the intention to evoke in my clients the exploration of their human potential through Structural Integration and to evolve my expertise in this work.

This holistic way to approach the body truly amazes me. I really like the progression of SI and how the series brought me more awareness of my physical and psychological self, as well as better posture and the feeling of being “home” in my own body.

I am deeply committed to promote this work through my hands (and words) in a way that gives people something new to consider when it comes to educational bodywork, and I will continue my education in a way that serves this work.

As an associate teacher for Kinesis I am happy to be on my way to become an Anatomy Trains teacher, so I further can participate in spreading the word about AT and how our body is connected through the fascinating world of Fascia.

Member of IASI.

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