Slings Essentials Manual for Embodied Learning


“Intelligent exercise defines more than the body; it (re)defines the naturally remarkable person you are.” Karin Gurtner

If you value movement and endeavour to be the best version of yourself, the Slings Myofascial Training concept will give you science-informed and experience-based exercise tools to attain or sustain greater:

  • Postural ease
    Movement freedom
    Movement love
    Feeling at home in the body
    Meaningful awareness
    Radiant vitality

These are big, bold statements, made with care and consideration.

You will not find unbacked claims in this book. Neither will you come across theoretical information without coherent practical applications. Instead, Slings Essentials offers you a tried and tested Resource-Oriented Integrative Movement concept that is supported by current research. In addition to the exercise examples shown in each chapter, there are references to the Slings Essentials Embodiment video library (, which contains 12 fascia-focussed movement practices and accompanying short stories.

The centrepiece of this book is the ‘Slings Trinity’. It comprises 3 interrelated components that comprehensively describe the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of ‘what’ you do in practice. The supporting chapters give you an insight into fascial anatomy, including a practical Skin to Bone Layering Model, the 6 Guiding Principles and the 8 Teaching Principles of Slings, as well as a definition of movement as a holistic synergy.

Slings Essentials is a manual for embodied learning. It is designed for inquisitive professionals and movers who want to understand and experience the dimensions of a Resource-Oriented Integrative Movement practice that utilises fascia as a medium



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