Balancing the Pelvis


Expand your grasp of the pelvis in all its complexity! 

Tom Myers presents his unique take on pelvic anatomy and SI joint dynamics, and takes us on a systematic tour of the 20 ‘myofascial units’ (muscles) surrounding the pelvis, demonstrating and explaining the anatomy, the approach, and Fascial Release techniques.

The 3-video series works progressively through the three ‘fans’ of muscle around the hip that interact to produce stability, posture & movement -or contribute to pain patterns in the pelvis, low back, and SI joint. Learn various treatment strategies for common positional problems of the pelvis as well as pre- and post-natal issues, explained with Tom’s characteristic humor and scope  A full 6 hours of detailed instruction based on Tom’s 40-years’ experience with working all around the pelvis.

The pelvis is the keystone of human architecture, transferring forces from the legs to spine and back again. This 3-video self-study program takes you through the hip abductors, deep lateral rotators, adductors, pelvic floor, and the deep hip flexors. Learn to accurately find and treat the problem-area ‘corners’ of the pelvic area – like the medial side of the hip joint – safely and with confidence.

CEs: 6 CEs NCBTMB, approximate run time: 6 hours

Preview an excerpt on SI joint dynamics:

Each technique is clearly explained and demonstrated, with variations included, for your easy application in whatever practice approach you take.

Watch a technique

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