Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy with Lauren Christman


Introduction to Craniosacral Therapy with Lauren Christman


This 8-hour web-based course with Lauren Christman is designed to introduce practitioners to the principles, perceptions and foundational techniques that can be used safely by a beginner.

This short class introduces basic Craniosacral principles and methods — giving students a taste of this work within a structural bodywork approach. Students are given a general overview of the anatomy and physiology of CST. They practice techniques to develop sensitive hands and the inner stillness that anchors this healing art. At the end of this class, students will gain several essential techniques that they can integrate into other types of manual therapy, and an exposure to this method to know if it is something they want to pursue further.

Enjoy a brief video of Lauren Christman introducing this webinar:

Included with this exciting webinar is a bonus technique review, as well as course handout, screen shared-images and slides.

Run time: Approximately 8 hours, plus bonus technique review

Note: this is a recording of a live class presented by Lauren Christman via Zoom webinar, August 8 & 9, 2020

Lauren Christman’s love of teaching was sparked first as a faculty member at the Brian Utting School of Massage (1995-2003). Team teaching across all topics was the foundation of this licensing program, and this became a guide for her approach to the classroom. During this time, Lauren also entered the world of continuing education by assisting her mentors in craniosacral therapy, structural bodywork and professional ethics. In 2005, she completed a teacher training with Tom Myers and began teaching Anatomy Trains classes regionally and nationally. She later became a Senior Faculty member in Myers’ Structural Integration training (KMI), teaching nationally and abroad, from 2007-2013. Alongside these programs, Lauren began developing short courses with her husband, Richard Polishuk, in Intraoral Work, Pediatric Fascial Balancing and Myofascial Balancing. In 2017, she began teaching the Craniosacral—A Healing Art certification program based in Seattle. This program offers an expansive umbrella under which Lauren can share her love of anatomy, osteopathic principles and treatments as well as a rich exploration of the healing process.

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