Trail Guide to the Body 6th Edition



Author: Andrew Biel
Illustrator: Robin Dorn

Key Features

Trail Guide to the Bodywas first published in 1997. Now in its 6th edition and with more than 900,000 copies sold, the textbook has become the gold standard for foundational musculoskeletal anatomy and palpation education.

Used by more than 2,500 programs worldwide and translated into 10 languages, Trail Guide to the Bodyprepares students for the skilled and knowledgeable practice of manual therapy in athletic training, massage therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and various other bodywork, movement, and health care professions.

Comes with instructor resources for quickly creating dynamic lessons.
As a Trail Guide to the Bodyeducator, you’ll gain easy access to a full suite of resources that help you create dynamic, multi-faceted lessons with ease. From multiple PowerPoint presentations and a vast image library to unique classroom activities, these resources save you time and capture your students’ attention.

Explore instructor resources.

Expands learning beyond the classroom with study tools that can go anywhere.
By owning Trail Guide to the Body, students gain exclusive access to an empowering repository of study tools, most included for free. Convenient, easy-to-access palpation videos, overlay images, interactive mobile apps, and more are available online for students, wherever and whenever they need them.

View student resources.

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ISBN #: 978-0-9987850-6-6

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