Fascia and the Anatomy Trains


This video series lays out the importance of fascia in any soft-tissue or training approach and then gives a vivid picture of the myofascial meridians – the holistic anatomy of connection.

See how that shoulder problem is connected into the ankle, or how some neck problems can only be fixed from the pelvis. Each webinar contains a wealth of practical and philosophical information from a master bodyworker who’s been in the practice room for more than 35 years.

Originally aired from 11/12 to 12/12, the series is now available as an On Demand video..

  1. Fascia in Therapy and Training
  2. The Anatomy Trains: Connect the Dot
  3. Myofascial Meridians: Front, Back and Sides
  4. The Shoulders and the Spiral Lines
  5. Our Body’s Myofascial Core

5 CEU’s available for NCBTMB credit.

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