Structural Integration in the time of Coronavirus with Tom Myers


Structural Integration in the time of Coronavirus with Tom Myers

1.5 CEs NCBTMB; 1.5 CEs IASI Cat. 1

This online workshop was delivered to and for the International Association of Structural Integrators (IASI) and the Structural Integration community in early April, 2020. While some content is specific to the ‘heirs of Ida Rolf’, we are offering this webinar to all bodyworkers. Tom’s 90 minute lecture addresses the need for community and connection in a time of social isolation, and includes principles of 1) Fascial properties 2) BodyReading visual assessment of postural patterns 3) addressing anterior pelvic shift, the topic of Tom’s originally scheduled pre-conference workshop for the IASI Symposium, which was postponed due to the pandemic.

A portion of sales from this recorded webinar will go to benefit Covid Calm, a non-profit organization providing stress-management to healthcare professionals world-wide.

Since its inception, Structural Integration has used BodyReading skills to augment our hands-on skills. In this one hour live webinar, now offered here as a recording, Tom Myers discussed how practitioners can use BodyReading assessments to continue to work with clients remotely over videoconferencing to stay connected and potentially provide self-myofascial release tools or movement sequencing, depending on the client’s individual patterns. This talk will include an overview of Structural Integration pre- and maybe post- COVID- 19.

Enjoy an excerpt from this recording:

Please note: this is a recording of a live Zoom webinar broadcast, so please be aware that there are some technical imperfections in this video.

Run time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Published on April 27, 2020

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