Lipedema Treatment Guide by Kathleen Lisson CMT CLT


Are you newly diagnosed with lipedema, a painful adipose tissue disorder? Maybe you have had the condition for years and are looking for ideas for self-care from a holistic perspective.

In this book you will learn: Treatment goals for lipedema / lipoedema Tips for reducing pain and inflammation How to boost your lymphatic system If you are looking for a research-packed guide to caring for lipedema, read this book!

In this book as well as a description of Lipedema and its effects your will find a lot of information on Self-Care, Treatment Goals, Reducing Pain and Inflammation, Improving Sleep and Reducing Fatigue, Boosting Lymphatic systems, Making Mobility and physical activity a pleasant experience, psychosocial well being, intuitive eating, Skin care and protection and working with Lipedema.

There is also a section on Surgical Interventions.

This book is a must read for professionals and the client.

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