Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion


Trail Guide to Movement: Building the Body in Motion

You entered this world with a squirm. Since then it’s been one gesture, wiggle and gyration after another, with the hope that such actions will continue for years to come. Yet, you have probably given this topic – human movement – only casual consideration. It’s time for
that to change.

Thus begins this new and exciting book, Trail Guide to Movement, that explores how bones, fasciae, joints, muscles and other structures come together to produce human movement. Taking the same approach as the acclaimed Trail Guide to the Body, this text makes the study of human movement easy to understand, captivating and memorable.

Instead of dissecting the body into smaller, isolated pieces, author Andrew Biel takes a unique approach of building the body into larger, interconnected components. He asks the reader to join him as an active participant in building the body from scratch.

We begin our journey by designing four key structures for movement—connective tissue, joints, muscles and nerves. Then, after applying some bio-mechanical principles, we “put the body to the test” by exploring the concepts of posture and gait.

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